Original Intention

The chart at the bottom of the page represents not only information from Genesis to Revelation but is also a representation of our life as seen from the perspective of,

1. The line of original intention

So what is the line of original intention? It is simply what GOD had intended in relationship to man for the expression of the GOD-life in the material realm and ultimately in mans true home in heaven. Man was, and is, to be the expression of GOD’s glory. All too often we think of the fall in the garden as some kind of mistake on GOD’s part for not foreseeing it and doing something about it. It is true that something was lost but maybe it needed to be lost so it could truly be found. I believe that GOD’s intention is being fulfilled but not in the manner that many Christians would care to admit. I also believe that everything in life comes by way of a process and that we, as one of GOD’s creations, are in process. We are in process as individuals, as a group and, from generation to generation, as a whole. The bible makes it clear that we should look at GOD in a specific way… HE’s perfect. If this is the case, then the fall can’t be a mistake or the misfortune of unreliable men and women. If GOD knows all and sees all, then error is out of the question. Before we go too far into all of that, let’s speak of intention. The foundational premise is found in Psalm 8:4-6, “what is man that You are mindful of him, the son of man that You care for him”. I believe that this speaks of GOD’s intention and in the remaining verses, our purpose. The one thing I see as a pastor, are the lives of many people who have no lasting sense of hope because they have no idea of their purpose- what GOD had intended for them. This verse speaks of being made a little lower than heavenly beings (NIV) (some versions say a little lower than GOD [NASB]). Some might argue that this is speaking of JESUS, and that is true, but I believe HIS overcoming was for our fulfillment of this word and many other words spoken in scripture. Think about it for a minute…GOD creates a perfect environment for presumably a perfect man and woman that HE created in HIS image and after His likeness (Gen 1:16) and then tells them to rule over creation just like Psalm 8:6. But now GOD introduces an element that brings man to a point of decision and in Gen 3 we see mans incapacity to deal with the situation at hand. We often think the choice is so simple, “just eat from the tree of life and be done with it!” It’s like watching a mystery movie when someone walks into a dark house and we all say, “don’t go in there because something terrible is going to happen” but we have the advantage of knowing from a different perspective. This is perhaps how GOD must look at us when we go astray. History proves that we would have all made the same mistake. This brings me to a very important point, was it really a mistake? From GOD’s point view I see a process that leads us to the heart of GOD’s original intention. You see, HIS original intention was HIS only intention. The irony of much of this is in the fact that GOD uses HIS “enemy” to work out the process of our perfection by the power of HIS sovereignty (See Genesis 3, Job Chapters 1&2, Matthew 4:1, 2 Corinthians 12:7 [NASB]). We are being formed in the refiner’s fire and shaped like clay in the hands of the POTTER. It is a process and sometimes very painful but to the glorious end of sonship in relationship to our wonderful heavenly FATHER. I believe that GOD’s “intention” is union life that produces a multitude of sons living, what I call, “The life of a prince”.(Romans 8:14-17,Hebrews 2:10, 2 Timothy 2:12).

2. The line of purpose

Let’s continue by considering the line of purpose. The line of purpose is merely the outworking of GOD’s original intention. The line of purpose is really our day to day living with its ups and downs, all of which I believe are directed by GOD’s sovereignty…meaning that the events of life are under HIS control. We see the events in the Garden of Eden as a horrible mistake and it truly was on the part of mankind, but our mistakes do not necessitate failure on GOD’s part nor does it change original intention. Life flows along the vein of our imperfection and that will ultimately lead us to the perfection found in CHRIST alone.  Ephesians 1:3 tells us that we were created blameless in HIS sight before the foundation of the earth. This clearly speaks to GOD’s intention not as something being worked out in the Garden of Eden but before that place ever existed. We really need to look at each individual life from the beginning of time as a thread that is tied together with every other thread forming a connection to CHRIST Himself and ultimately fulfilling GOD’s original intention which I believe is found in many sons born out of the SON (see Romans 8). We all too often think of life as a bunch of random individual moments without any real connection to each other. There may be some truth in that especially in the non-essentials of life, i.e. “should I have cream in my coffee or not”. But even then we shouldn’t think that GOD isn’t working in the smallest of details. Some of what seems to be insignificant can be extremely profound. A rooster crowing three times may seem insignificant to us but what happened to Peter changed the world. I use an illustration from Joseph’s life when teaching and ask the question, “How many of us would have prayed Joseph out of the well?” And then there’s Peter, he would have fought the entire Roman army to keep JESUS from the cross. Compassion is a good thing if it is sourced from the right place. JESUS told Peter that he did not have in mind the things of GOD but the things of men. Let me ask this question, “Do we only have a sense of purpose when we’re on the mountain top, when life is perfect and our lives are trouble free?” GOD doesn’t say HE will deliver man out of the “valley of the shadow of death”; HE says He will be there with him! JESUS told Paul that HIS power was made perfect in Paul’s weakness! (2 Corinthians 12:9) Many Christians I come in contact with seem to have only one desire; to escape every pain, hardship and lack in their life without any regard as to what that might look like. Just think of all the things you’ve gone through that were painful and yet produced glorious results. How about the pain and pleasure of pregnancy and having a baby? Please don’t mistake what I am saying. I am not promoting poverty and weakness, on the contrary, I’m promoting life, strength and power; it’s just not our power or even our willingness to use GOD’s power. I have a question that I have used for years and it asks, “Are we working for GOD or are we working from GOD?” I believe this life with all its ups and downs is a tool that GOD uses to shape and mold us, discipline us and also to see if our faith is genuine.  Hebrews 12:5-7 and 12:10 tells us that a good FATHER disciplines HIS sons because HE loves them. I ask you, “How does HE accomplish this”? Look at the Word of GOD; it is full of history that speaks to the rise and fall of men and nations in direct relation to GOD’s ultimate intention. Once again, HIS intention is, “the glory, majesty and honor lived out in the many sons of GOD to express the GOD-life in this material realm through intimate union with HIM through JESUS and the enabling work of the HOLY SPIRIT”.

3. The zig zag life

The zigzag life is a soulish outworking that is directly related to the line of purpose.  It is the visible response to the line of purpose.  In other words, when we come in contact with the line of purpose and it takes us in directions that we are surprised by, we react in one fashion or another.  Charles Swindoll once said, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” As humans, most of what we do is based upon our reaction to the events that are set before us every day.  Even if we are people of action as opposed to reaction, we will at some point find ourselves thrust into a place beyond our control reacting like everyone else.  The proper perspective in relationship to the events of life means everything. The events of life are not just incidental moments that we suffer and then on to the next and the next and the next etc.  So what is the zigzag life?  It is our response to the “events of life” that happen on the line of purpose (see James 1:2-4).  If I feel good, the bills are paid, my family is happy, the sun is shining and I love my job, then all is well.  So in response to this, the zigzag line appears to be moving heavenward and it may even stay there for a season.  But what happens when any of these positive things turn downward?  The sensation of falling from my upward heavenly place seems to diminish and my response turns negative as if I have fallen from grace.  We say, “How could this happen to me? What have I done wrong?” May I suggest to you that you have done nothing wrong, but that you live in a place that is wrong for you, at least in the natural soulish sense (1 John 2:16)? In other words, the natural man was never meant to conquer this world from the perspective of his own energies and will.  In the Garden of Eden a Pandora’s Box of sorts was opened and a great flood of information (the knowledge of good and evil) came rushing into the lives of Adam and Eve and consequently into all of our lives.  Note very carefully that it’s not just the knowledge of evil.  It is the awareness of “the infinite everything” poured into the “finite creation of man”.  We were not built for this kind of “infinite everything” apart from GOD (Proverbs 3:5-6.  Without HIM it is impossible to process all of this information and yet almost every biblical character, with the exception of JESUS CHRIST, seems to try.  Hence the zigzag life. Throughout biblical history humans have attempted to direct the course of their life by way of soulish endeavors.  We react to the things of life by way of the mind, will and emotions.  Much of the time it seems reasonable and even practical to direct the course of our lives in this manner.  It doesn’t take a scholar to see the failings, even in this intellectual scientific society, of worldly minded men and women with so called good intentions.  We need a proper perspective as we make our way through this life in which GOD has placed us in.  For example, none of us, in our right mind, would attempt to drive a car without a steering wheel or sail a ship without a rudder or try to fly a airplane without wings, so why would we attempt to navigate through this life based on what we think is the right thing to do? I am speaking of Christians, people that have an awareness of GOD but yet form more laws to live by than the entire Jewish nation ever had in the Old Testament.  You see, knowledge in the church is no better than knowledge outside the church if it is limited by the finite working of the soul (mind, will and emotions).  The Word of GOD does not come to life just because I apply it to my life; it comes to life in me when it is merged together with HIS life (John 15:5). As we look at the zigzag life with all of its ups and downs, driven by the mind, will and emotions we more often than not see frustration, anxiety, and depression.  There is no stability in the zigzag life, no set course and a lack of clear guidance with each and every day that passes because it is based on what I can know and learn as opposed to the revelation that comes from GOD.  It’s not living in this world that needs to change so much but my response to it. Ultimately, the line of purpose is my life in union with His life, fulfilling all that HE has intended for me.  Not my will but HIS.  It is a restful place because I only respond as I see HIM move. As I respond to HIS life in me then I can define the circumstances of my life rather than the circumstances of life defining me> 

 4. The line of faith

Faith is one of those words that can have many different applications. You can have faith in relationship to something or to someone. Faith can be active as in, “faith to move mountains” or passive like being a part of the “faithful”. But for the sake of “the line of original intention”, the aspect of faith that we are speaking of is in direct relationship to GOD and is very active for the sake of moving to the place that GOD had originally intended us to be. Faith is one of the most important aspects of the Christian walk. I am well aware of the importance of love, but love would not be a consideration unless GOD would have shown us the importance of it after we came to believe in HIM first. Faith is the method through which GOD works to prove what man believes in and if his faith is genuine or not. It is also used to perfect and mature the relationship man has with GOD (1st Peter 1:6-7). I have seen a lot of Christians go through things in this life and as I observe them (and myself) I see faith much like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. These ups and downs of faith are always in direct connection to the various trials we have in life. Without a trial or challenge on the road of life then there would be no need for faith. Faith will also have an object connected to it.  For example; I could put my faith in the government, science, financial systems, friends and family, self or in GOD. The real question is, what will happen if I, let’s say, put my trust in the government system? So then, the object of my faith is extremely important based on what outcome I desire. Some believe that faith solely depends on me and can be applied in any number of situations whether they are Christian or not. Biblical faith is largely connected to situations that are impossible to overcome, like raising the dead, healing the sick or casting out demons. As I have said, the line of purpose is nothing more than the events of everyday life and the zigzag is our emotional response (soulish response) to those every day events.  What I am saying in reference to faith is that it is the one thing that moves me to the proper perspective concerning what I am going through on the line of purpose. The Apostle Paul said that we should “Fix our eyes on JESUS the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb. 12:2). The greatest aspect of faith is that it shifts our perspective from a carnal worldly response to a heavenly spiritual response.  It doesn’t mean that you will escape the trials but it does mean that they will not control your life. It is not my goal to respond to all the aspects of faith but to point to fundamentals of faith in relationship to the line of original intention. I also hope that this little bit of information will help you see GOD in a different light and see that HE is truly for us!



5. The line of perpetual death






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